Know someone who is a dirtbag?

Let us do your dirty work!

Anonymously send a bag of dirt accompanied by a "You're a dirtbag!" card. We'll make sure they get the message.

Wait, are you serious?

Yes, yes we are. Sending someone a bag of dirt is the ultimate way to prank a friend, foe, loved one, or ex. Imagine you send a Dirt Bag to your friend Mike.

Mike's heart starts to race with excitement as he wonders what the package might be. He runs to the package, rips it open, and is left dazzled and confused. Before him lies a bag of dirt accompanied by a "You're a dirtbag!" card. He has a good laugh at the package and then something magical happens...

He stops. He asks himself "Who could have sent this to me?" Was it Sharon in HR? John from across the street? He is left with many questions and no answers.

Meanwhile, you are watching from afar having the last laugh as Mike is left dumbfounded. Will you ever tell Mike you sent it, or will you let it remain a mystery?

How it works

We only need a few things from you to get started! Two minutes of your time, the mailing address of your target, and a few bucks to cover shipping. This is how it goes down:

1) Add a "Dirt Bag - Sent Anonymously" to your cart.

2) Checkout and make sure to put the mailing address of your target.

3) Complete the checkout and pay.

4) Sit back and watch as your target receives a fat bag of dirt and is told they are a dirtbag.

So, what are you waiting for? Send a bag of dirt today!